Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007, the year of suck

The same 2 sorry pictures are on my camera. So I have no new pictures today. But you know that tomorrow is the 3rd and therefore newsletter day and should be full of pictures.

Between Monday and Tuesday there were a lot of recap of the year posts, and since I have nothing for today...presenting - duh duh duh duuuuuuh

A Year in the Wood Life
v. 2007

In January we had snotwatch 2007, it came on the heels of snotwatch 2006. I was looking for a nanny, and Clint went out of town, so I decided to make everyone cry. I also made a silent promise to myself to post more. My goal: At least one more post each month than the previous years' total for that month. I totally rocked that goal and WON!!

In February, well...February was pretty slow. I found the pump room at work.

In March, I placed an ad for my child on-line and pissed off the Irish Mob.

In April, we hosted Easter for a portion of the family, and we attended the wedding of a good friend, leaving my child for an overnight for the very first time.

In May, we lost my Uncle John to leukemia and I joined the bone marrow transplant list.

In June, I attended my 10 year class reunion. Started my new job, discovered I had failed my first attempt at my PE, and made the single largest purchase of my life that I cannot sit in or on.

In July, we got Zoey. That is the single most important event. Ok, technically, my sister got her. Whatever, semantics.

In August, I was subjected to multiple ethics tests and still became a thief. I also learned that China was trying to kill our kids.

In September, I was subjected to terrible changes to the TREC rules making me believe I would never achieve inspectorhood.

In October, I took my PE exam again, with not the best of circumstances, but managed to have a really fun weekend of pumpkins anyway. Landon turned 1, I turned into the old lady who calls the cops on teenagers, and we got a lovely leak in our dining room...ceiling still not fixed, thankyouverymuch.

In November, I contacted a potential sponsor and then freaked out because of his conditions. But, TREC realized they were stupid and changed the rules back, or at least for my situation they did.

In December, Landon revealed his green jello underbelly. Second round of PE results brought bad news again.

So 2007 in review - kind of a crappy year. Ok, clearly I write some happy stuff. It's mostly about Landon and it's mostly in his newsletters, which I didn't really highlight here. But this exercise alone makes it sound like I have a really sad life. Maybe I should make an effort to write some funnier stuff this year.

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