Monday, November 12, 2007


  • I took 10,000 pictures this weekend and have none with me, because I emptied my camera onto the laptop.

  • Landon has a spot of ringworm. It’s healing now that I’m administering Lotrimin that did not expire in January of 2006.

  • I was asked what toys are safe for buying. And I found a few resources. There’s this one and this one. Toys R Us has a list you can get from the service desk (here it is online) but it’s not user friendly – it doesn’t have pictures and you can’t just order stuff directly from it. So the deal is that, while there are resources out there, they suck – but beware if you complain too much, they will make you design the next website or list.

  • I’m meeting with my potential sponsor on Friday. He’s very excited about me, he’s optimistic about my potential and my goals, including the one where I want to work part time and still make enough money.

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