Monday, January 07, 2008

A Side

I took my report writing test on Saturday. It took like 5 minutes. It was awesome. I got my certificate. I am currently gathering the stuff I need to mail in to get my education evaluated, so they will allow me to apply, so they will allow me to take the test. I have a hopeful deadline, but I don't want to say it outloud - for the jinxing factor and all that.

Landon's 15 month Dr. Appointment was on Friday. He's 25 lbs 5 ozs (between 50% and 75%). His head is 48.5 cm around (75-90%). And he's 29 inches tall (5%). Average weight, big headed, and short.

We spent some time over the weekend contemplating a side of beef. We bought a side of beef last year. From my current research I think maybe paid too much for it. But we also learned some things. That will help us with our purchase this year. Last year's guy is no longer in business, so we were forced to look at other places, and learn the difference between grassfed and grainfed. On Saturday I went to HEB to buy some Ribeyes. I bought select ribeyes (very lean, very tough, twice what we paid per pound for the stuff in our freezer.) We had prime or choice (I can't remember) in our freezer, had I bought those it would have been 3-4 times as much. For ground beef last week I paid per pound what we paid per pound for the side. These two facts alone have cemented us in the fact that we will be buying a side of beef. I was about to do a little beef buying primer, but figured maybe that's another post.

Also, we're thinking of buying a pig in August.

Today I begin studying for my 3rd round of the PE exam.

I have lots of work to do this week, so you will no doubt be treated to more pictures than anything else. And Christmas pictures at that. I still haven't scanned this year's Santa picture, but maybe I'll get to do that too. I will wonder kill on beef next week.


Anonymous said...

A good place to buy the pig is Bellvile either during or right after the county fair. We had good results with those because the pigs are fed to be shown at the fair.

The Modernish Father said...

Last year, my brother's roommates decided to buy a whole damn cow at the beginning of the school year. Then they remembered that they were living in a small college apartment without a decent freezer.

My brother said they had to set up coolers around the kitchen and living room and spent a ton of money on ice before they could give away the excess.

Kristine said...

We have, in the past bought things and then realized one of us would have to drive home to get the truck and come back to pick it up (or we realized just in time to put it back and both go get an appropriate vehicle). But, to buy a whole cow and have no freezer! I just imagine the buthcer kept saying "And you have a freezer?" and they're all "Yeah, it's right above the fridge, man!" Not to mention we have a medium sized chest freezer (11 cu ft)(which we bought at the same time as our first sid eof beef) and it barely held 1/2 a cow. I can only imagine how many coolers it would take to hold a full one!

Becky said...

My kids both have large heads. And they're short. Gotta love it!