Monday, January 21, 2008

Out of titles

Unfortunately for you, I left my camera at my parent's house this weekend.

Fortunately, my mom has an appointment in Houston today and will be bringing it to my house, so I should have a cool picture of the backs of Landon and Zoey's heads to post tomorrow.

I had a girls' dinner on Saturday, and one of my friends that we have been inviting for over a year now, finally showed up! It was so good to see her. I hope she comes again.

We bought a new chest to hold the pool chemicals to replace the one we apparently didn't put together correctly the first time. After moving the old one out and deciding to use it for pool toys, I was examining the lid (which is the part we smooshed and it wasn't working right) to try and figure a way to fix it (for the record I had a plan with a dowel and a drill and it was going to work) I set the lid back on the base, because it was going to take more effort than I wanted to put out at the moment to implement my plan, and I was going to come back to it, and popped it on correctly. It was almost as annoying as that time we rushed out at 5pm on a Sunday and bought a whole new TV, because one of our only showed a 1/4 inch strip across the middle. But when we got home with the new TV...the old one worked. Almost, this was about 1/6th as expensive.

On Sunday we went to the grocery store with a list of 10 items. And we left with 49. It's that kind of thing that makes me want to join in on this experiment. This family isn't buying anything they don't need, and is making a weekly donation to Good Will. It's not a money issue for them. It's a clutter issue, but the solution has a money benefit.

Landon is starting to babble in such a way that you can almost tell what he's saying. Especially if you're really in tune with what he's up to. Although, sometimes it seems like he's asking you to hold something for him and when you take it, he's mad, and when you give it back, he's mad. So maybe I'm wrong.

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