Friday, April 13, 2007

Please don’t choke on the dust I leave behind

What was last Sunday? I can’t remember. Easter? Really? You wanted Easter pictures? You’ve been incessantly checking the blog on the off chance you might see a picture of a little person and an egg? And possibly his car shaped Easter basket? Fine. Here:

Landon and I found 5 eggs. Alas they were not golden or silver (aka money havin’). For his last egg, I sat him down for a photo op. And Ethan came by and snatched his egg right from between his legs. What? It’s not like he had picked it up yet or anything, that makes it fair game, right? Ethan’s mom made him give it back, and in the spirit of generosity Ethan gave an extra egg as well, and as he was about to empty his basket one by one into Landon’s, his Mom said “I just wanted you to give back the one you stole, not all of them!” The lessons a 2 year old has to learn. When to share, when not to share, righting a wrong, but not OVER-righting a wrong. To tell the truth, I don’t think Landon even cared about the missing egg. What the heck is the green stuff? It’s fun to grab and pull on, I wonder how it tastes.

And a picture of eleventy billion people in my front yard.

Easter by the #s

204 plastic eggs
30 boiled eggs
8 hunters
2 gallon bags of leftover candy
1 unfound egg

This weekend will be a milestone. This weekend will determine just what kind of neurotic mother I may be. Do I call and check in on him? Do I just assume everything is fine so long as I don’t get a call? I have a wedding on Saturday night in League City. I’m also in the wedding and thus must be a part of the rehearsal festivities. I’m also going to sleep under a different roof than my son for the very first time ever. For 2 nights. In a row. I can’t say I’m not worried about it (not that I’m leaving him with anyone I’m worried about), but I’m totally looking forward to the possibility of 2 full nights of sleep and 48 hours sans 17 lbs of squirmy butt in my arms. If you happen to be in or around LJ early Friday afternoon, don’t mind the sound of screeching tires and the smell of burnt rubber. Likewise, you will probably need to get out of my way on Sunday morning.

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Anonymous said...

As the person who kept Landon for the weekend I feel privileged for the honor. At least I did before we got started. Kathleen helped with the first evening since we had to go to a squaredance. Landon also came for a short time. He liked all the bright colors.
Now that the house is quiet again I have to admit I had forgotten about the night shifts! I now know why Kristine is always tired. Oh well just wait until Landon gets to be two years old!!