Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My bubble …it has been burst.

And I just…I can’t think of any words

There are no words right now. None. Well, there’s one word.


There are also other words, but since my Grandma reads this blog, I’m not going to use them.

I sat on this for a day thinking it would be easier to write about and it’s just, it’s not.

It’s not easier. I should be used to it by now, because the cycle of my life is that I come up with a plan, a plan that has worked for 100s of other people, a plan I’m very excited about, I begin to implement that plan, and the universe takes a giant crap on my head. I brush the poop off and I reorganize my plan and I keep trying, I morph my plan until it only vaguely resembles my original plan and yet, I still am not making any headway.

Maybe that’s why I’m so hesitant to try new things, I figure it’s not going to work out for me anyway, why try. But this one was important to me and this one was a real plan and I thought I was done.

Remember my ethical dilemma? No, not the dead animal one, the early certificate one. If I hadn't been so ethical, I wouldn't be dealing with this right now. All I had left to do was paperwork and a test and they changed the rules on me 1 day after my last requirement was complete, but before I had a chance to apply. If I had taken that stupid early certificate and applied when I got it, I'd be on my way. But I didn't, I didn't think it was ethical. And NOW it's going to cost me a lot of money.

Hey, guess what though, I never learn. I have a NEW plan.

Actually I have 2 plans, 3 if you count the one where I plan to win the lotto. One of the 2 depends heavily on the willingness of a 3rd party. So once I contact him and get the “No Way.” Or the “Okay.” I will unveil my new plan. Plan #5697.

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Anonymous said...


I haven't been able to keep up with reading these blogs lately. Life does craptastic things to me every single day it seems.

I know some of it is my own fault, but lots of it isn't, its just what happens.

It used to really bug me that you seemed to have every one of your plans fall right into your schedule as you wanted them to.

It didn't effect how much I really care about you, but jealousy has its issues. : )

Anyway, I'm sorry you have run into these craptastic things, but it does show that you are actually part of the human race.

Anyway, hang in there and just keep trying 'cause that's all anyone can do!

Love you Much!