Saturday, April 07, 2012

Monthly Newsletter #66

Dear Landon,

This month I took you to the rodeo for the second time. This time we took Rhett with us and we went around and looked at all the animals and the tractors. We saw Zac Brown Band and now every time you hear one of their songs, you announce that you know it is Zac Brown because you remember hearing it at the rodeo. This time the rodeo portion was a lot less shocking to you and you didn’t have to be calmed thinking that the animal were being hurt, but really? The animals totally won the rodeo that night. There were a lot of 0 scores on the board. We had a great time anyway.

You also started your second season of T-ball this month. Opening day was awesome, you had quite the crowd there to watch you. And by all accounts, you won! Aaaaaand…it’s been raining every game day since, so there have been no other games and only one other practice, which you missed for being out of town. But hopefully this week you’ll get to play another game…I mean, sure we needed the rain, but it’s getting a little bit ridiculous.

The garden that we planted last month is taking off really well this year. We already have several tomatoes and Serrano peppers growing…and one lonely cucumber. You really love watering it and looking at it. And hopefully now that the soil in there is looser with the sand I put in maybe the carrots will grow better his year and we can actually eat one.

You’ve now lost your two front teeth. I hope these two come in faster than the bottom ones did, but I fear your doctor was correct in that you got your baby teeth early and your permanent ones are on time, so there’s just going to be a lag.

You decided a couple weeks ago that you would now require an allowance. So I decided a couple weeks ago, I’m not buying you stuff all willy nilly anymore…you have an allowance, you can pay for it. In exchange, you have agreed to transporting laundry to and from the bedroom and the laundry room, putting away silverware, and having your room clean on Saturday. The first day we had a brief discussion over what things cost, and why you’re going to have to save a little while to get some things, and also in the real world you have to work for a week or two before your pay check comes, so even though you did a bunch of stuff that day, you weren’t going to see any money until the following Saturday. I’m not evil though, I’m not taking taxes out of it – that’s a real world lesson you’ll learn at your first job. It surprised you to learn that a new DS game is $20-30, and a new Wii system - $200 (I’m not sure why you think I need one in my room and one in the loft, but that was your idea)…I guess it didn’t really occur to me that you didn’t know what things cost, but I think this will help. And now, when you see a commercial and tell me you “NEED” something, I can say, “well, I guess you need to save your money!”

The only thing I want you to work on this month is smacking…I know you can stop, because when you get reminded about it you stop immediately. And keeping your hands out of your mouth – I think that will temporarily stop anyway, now that you don’t have any loose teeth.