Monday, January 28, 2008

This past weekend in a nutshell.

On Friday, I went down to my parents house to sew with Kathleen. I finished the 6 pillowcases I had started the previous weekend and she and I both worked on bibs and a couple extraneous blankets for Zoey. (Another post on this later.)

On Saturday, we did our normal errands and I made The Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast. I figured what better way to get a recipe than to use one from a woman who has as much beef as I do and whose husband is as picky an eater as mine is. I was going to borrow my Mom’s Dutch Oven, in case it didn’t go well, I wouldn’t have bought something for one recipe, but I walked off and left it on her counter, so we bought a Dutch oven. Academy, by the way is the place to buy a Dutch oven, it’s was $7 cheaper for the large one than the small one was anywhere else. I had to cut the roast to fit in the Dutch oven. And I used too much rosemary. But otherwise, I think I have our new pot roast recipe. Unfortunately it’s now a weekend meal instead of a crock-pot meal, but that’s ok. It was that good. Clint said it was the best pot roast I had ever made – even with the extra rosemary.

And tonight, I’m making her recipe for Chicken legs. If these turn out to be a hit, she may be my new secret crush. Move over Matthew McConaughey, that’s what you get for having a baby with someone else!

Clint was sick yesterday (and today), so in an effort to stay out of his way, I got Landon to help me babyproof the kitchen and bathroom. We each had a screw driver. He kept pointing his at the back of the knobs. Maybe he thinks we need new ones. He’s gonna have to pay for those if that’s the case, so I’m sure he’ll give it up when he finds that out.

We now have latches on all but 2 cabinets in the kitchen and all the cabinets in the bathrooms. I wasn’t going to do it. But Landon got into the trash under the sink one too many times. He may or may not have taken a drink from a day old cup from McDonald’s that happened to be in there and at the perfect height for drinking. He also liked hauling out the cleaner we use for the counters, which isn’t so much a problem, until he figures out how to spray it.

He still has his own cabinet, it is full of things that are unbreakable, and that we don’t use much. But, he’s not happy about it. And he seems awfully surprised about not being able to open all the cabinets despite the fact that he was there when I put those latches on.

I still have the bar and one other bathroom to babyproof and then we’ll be done.

And it’s taking some time for me to remember how to open the cabinets.

I have tentatively sold the treadmill, it's not in the best place in the house to hang clothes on anyway. I've also sold a TV we're not using, so I'm reducing some clutter, which is nice!

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Becky said...

I need to baby proof badly.