Thursday, January 10, 2008

When he's too smart for his own good

At some point, Landon figured out that the camera takes pictures, and that you can see the pictures on the back of the camera. What he hasn't figured out, is that you actually have to let the picture be taken before you can reach out and grab the camera to look at it.

But occasionally you get a laugh, while you fight with him about it.

I can't remember when I said anything, but this is the pumpkin plant from the pumpkin seed that was already sprouting inside the pumpkin we bought at the pumpkin patch. I honestly believe that the only reason it is alive today is because I have yet to touch it.

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Becky said...

My big son discovered that he could take pictures at about age 3, which effectively means that I have a number of shots of his feet, the fans, and my knees.

Kids crack me up. That's got to be what he thought we adults were doing when we were taking pictures.