Thursday, January 03, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #15

Dear Landon,

You have been here with us now for 15 months. You have a taken a break from making me out to be a lying liar who lies. Things I say about you to other people are generally true even after I say them now. Except sleep, which we will not talk about.

Your love of all things Christmas was only slightly diminished by your fear of Santa Claus. Linda managed to get you to sit in the general vicinity of Santa Claus, so long as Noah was beside you and she had a firm grasp on your waist and you had a firm grasp on her hand. As proof that Santa Claus will not bite off your fingers and toes if you get too close, we have this deer in the head lights pictures of you.

We made a couple rookie mistakes this year with Christmas I think. I realize this was not your first Christmas, but last year you were just a blob, this was your first REAL Christmas. The first one that you actually participated in. We went to one Christmas where you opened presents (more than one). Then had to wait 2 days to open anymore. But the cat was out of the bag. Those colorful boxes under the tree? Those are presents. Don’t you know they are for opening? NOW!!! Who cares who they’re technically for? I mean, they must all be for me anyway. So for 2008, I will have the shopping done by December 1st (you have no idea how great that part of it was), but only the first round of presents will be under the tree. That way, no temptation.

We are also going to "pre-open" your toys next year, because who needs to spend 30 minutes of Christmas play time trying to get wire twisty ties off their toys?

We actually had 7 various Christmases to attend this year. Some were without presents, some were as relaxed as pizza. Next year that will probably drop by at least 1, but who knows, maybe next year we’ll actually be invited to the Marshall family Christmas, instead of finding out about it a few days later, despite our continual asking about its existence, and everyone’s continual denial of it.

Your little mind was blown away by all the stuff. You played and played and played until you just couldn’t play any more. When we got home from the last one, we piled all your toys on the guest bed. We sorted them according to things you’re still a little too small to appreciate, things you’re too old for, and things you currently play with. We put all the things you are too old for away in a container. We put the things you’re a little too small for and half of the things you are currently able to play with away in another container. In a couple months, we’ll pick 3 or 4 toys and swap them out for “new” stuff. Because the deal is? Your birthday is like 9 whole months away. So we need to make these toys last.

I have shared my body with you in some form or fashion now for 2 whole years. I had no idea it would last this long. I remember returning to work after only 2 months off and talking to one of my friends who also breastfed. I remember her saying “I miss it.” And thinking “God, I don’t see why you would miss this torture.” And it was torturous for a while, but once we got the hang of it, it was so much better. And I know now why she would miss it. We’re down to 2-3 feedings a day, and that’s as far as I’m weaning you, the rest of the way is yours. Whenever you’re ready.

Oh and one more thing. The whining? It does not tell me what you want. It only annoys the crap out of me. Let’s work on pointing. Or do we need sign language? Or better yet? Real live words. Seriously. I’ll excuse some of it, because at some point in the last month you sprouted 4 new teeth. They were not pointy teeth, so I imagine they hurt coming in, and I can understand the discomfort they may have caused. But they’re in now. So stop it.


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Becky said...

Merry Christmas, ickle one!

Sounds like he had quite the fun time!

(and I'm with you on the "not talking about sleep issues" boat)