Sunday, September 27, 2009

My hole

Landon call his round float his "hole." Actually he calls this one his "blue hole." And he has a "green hole." And don't even think about presenting him with the blue one without first warning him that it's not going to be the green one.
He also told me on Thursday when we drove by an adult riding his bike that one day - probably next year, his bike was going to grow up and it would then have only 2 wheels and not two back wheels.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

All those cousins.

One of the best parts of the weekend for Landon was that Joshua and Dylan and Marshall and Jackson all played T-ball with him. In fact, it didn't really matter to him if he was included in what ever was going on, he was perfectly content to sit by a tree and watch those big boy cousins.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I guess is depends on your definition of SOOO PROUD!!

I mean, if your definition is quiet indifference, then yeah - Zoey was pretty proud of Landon's fishing pole.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A few years ago I was volunteering at something girl scouty - and I made pretty good aquaintances with a woman working there with me. And when you're loading 1500 thousand boxes of cookies off of pallets into organizd chaos and into people's mini-vans - you start talking. And inevitably it leads to talking about work, which leads to talking about idiots at work. Which is always a fun thing to do.

So she mentioned that she worked in customer service for some amount of time and always believed that phones should have one more button. A button, if pressed, that would send a small shock to the person on the other end. not enough to maim them or anything, maybe just annoy them and make them want to stop and think about what they're saying or doing. A mini-phone taser.

She said she had told this to a friend of hers that went out and bought a package of those plastic faceted jewels, and they each glued one on their phone. She said within 6 months hers was smooth.

I promptly went home and dug out a package of those jewels from my craft closet. I didn't glue mine on, I taped it. Which turned out to be smart, since I've had to move it twice since. And I can count on one hand the number of people who have noticed.

But I also took it to another level. I have one on my computer for annoying emails as well. Now, admittedly I don't use them as often as someone in customer service might - but they do make you feel slightly better about dealing with the idiot on the other end of the line.

Please ignore the nasty dustiness of my computer - it doesn't look like that for real - the camera did something, I swear.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fishing Hole

This weekend, we're heading to my parent's lake house. I was talking to my sister over the weekend, and she mentioned that Zoey is totally into fishing and they were planning to set her up with the essentials to fish over the weekend.

Well, if Zoey's going to do it, I bet it won't take long for someone else to want to.

So I went on Sunday to Academy and we picked out a Spiderman "fissing hole."

Apparently according to him, "Zoey is gonna be SOOOOOO proud." I hope she at least feigns an interest - is all I can say.

We practiced casting in the pool, and by casting I mean: We put the pole over our shoulder and push the button. Then we release the button and watch the casting practice fish fall to the ground. Then we pick up the little plastic red fish and throw it into the pool. And we watch it go all the way to the bottom. We refuse to lock in our reel by even doing a half turn. But then we decide we're done watching the fish at the bottom of the pool and reel the whole thing in. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. This is going to be a horifyingly hard thing to watch this weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

When you're tired you're tired

This isn't the first time they've both fallen asleep on top of me. Our first born dog and our first born person.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #35

Dear Landon,

I'm sorry - did that say in 1 less than 36? As in I will be a mom of a 3 year old in a month? Huh, interesting.

We've been gearing up this month for your birthday - which is in one month. I'm not sure you were totally aware of the existence of birthdays other than occasionally we went places where someone was having a birthday party and at least twice a bunch of people showed up at your house - what seemed like spontaneously to you - to celebrate you birthdays. This time, we're talking about it more, about how it's coming up, about how we're going to invite your friends from school, etc. Unfortunately we may have started a little too early because every time we get in the car now, you ask if we're going to your birthday.

The temperature finally dipped below 100° again, which also brought your allergies and the ever following sinus infection back on. I wish there was a way I could get rid of those for you, you have all my sympathies, as I am suffering right along side you. in fact your doctor said, to me that since they can't test you for allergies and so far your flare ups have coincided with mine, that when I need to take something, I should also give something to you. Great.

We've been dog-sitting Kane for the last week or so, and while this dog was quite a bit bigger than ours, you have been just fine with him - after a little initial trepidation. Having him in the house - being as big as our two dogs put together has given you some interesting perspectives on size. You are now claiming Scarlett and Fiona are little dogs...which isn't exactly true.

You are beginning to point out letters you see out and about and mostly you even seem to get them right - or at least close (as in similarly shaped letters). You still love being read to, so much in fact that you pretend to read to Scarlett occasionally. I wish I knew what brought that on and I hope it's something I can encourage as you grow - reading has never been my favorite activity.

It's hard to give you a directive for a month when nothing overly bad happened. Keep on being good, still work on standing to pee, try to avoid the sinus infections.


Thursday, September 03, 2009

I owe you one

I should have a newlsetter here - I actually have it half heartedly written, but I don't have time to proof it or add the pictures, and I'm having an allergic reaction to the horse we have living in our house.

I'll try to get it posted on Monday, I promise.