Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How I spent the last 2 Fridays.

Kathy and I met up at my mom's house to sew.

I had an order for 6 of these:

This is a pillowcase, the letters are appliquéd on like this:

(This is a close up of another one that we have in "inventory." I'm not a "traitor", I have pictures of the A&M ones too, I just don't have a good enough one to give such a close up of the stitching.)

About every six months I get an order from the same lady for 6 B'Port pillowcases. And every time I think about making extras, so that I will already have her next order ready to go. But I'm scared to death that it's her last order and I'll be stuck with them, and my mother is already storing a host of names in bright pink and turquoise and A&M and UT pillowcases.

And Zoey had begun eating solids and needed a bunch of these:

These are hand towels made into bibs with a cotton neck like a T-shirt.

No two are ever exactly alike.

They cover the whole baby.

And the baby can't just tug and rip them off.

Plus, you can wipe stuff down after, cause it's a towel.

These are normally what I give at baby showers.

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