Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jake & L Wood

Landon plays Harmonica. Well, kind of. He was a cranky butt last night, so his normal walking around playing the harmonica for at least 15 seconds was reduced to a couple bursts. Also much like a musician, he's totally picky about where his drink is.


The Modernish Father said...

My compliments on the L Wood pun.

Becky said...

A childless friend of mine tormented me by buying Ben a harmonica. It quickly disappeared never to be seen again.

Ashley said...

Is that Clint belching in the background???

Kristine said...

tmf - Thank you very much, I've been waiting for the perfect time to use it!

becky - the harmonica is by far one of the least annoying toys he has, there's a screechy musical train on my kitchen counter right now that may lose its records, he generally only plays the harmonica for about 5 minutes at a time (in 15-20 second bursts) and only usually once an evening.

ashley - Uhhh....yeah possibly...I can't turn my volume up at work to hear it, but I do remember hitting the stop button on the camera because I'd heard it in real life.

Anonymous said...

No, that was not me belching. But thanks for thinking highly of me.

Clinton "Dad"