Monday, October 29, 2007

The Whole Spectrum – Also, longest post EVER

As bad as the weekend started out, it got much much better. (And the pictures don't exactly match the story, but you don't really care about that, do you?)

Thursday evening on the way home from work, I came down with the virus that Landon had. I picked him up, and found Clint to be in much the same state as me when I got home. Knowing that I could not handle him overnight, the night before a test and expect to feel any better, I called my mom and asked her to come get him. I had him packed by the time she got there. And we shove him out the door in a matter of minutes. I think she may have been at our house for all of 10 minutes.

I went straight to bed. I woke up at 2 and took Pepto. I felt slightly better, better enough to get some decent sleep.

I was still very queasy and I tried to eat a piece of dry toast, but it took me nearly an hour to eat 1 piece.

I got to the test and was pleasantly surprised to find that we were not taking it in the Reliant stadium and we were not going to be overcome with noise like last time. I got my books out of my truck and started heading towards the building. I poured my Sprite that I was sipping all over my pump bag on the way in, and I was having trouble with the handle of my cart.

I managed to get my cart up to the second floor and was standing there looking to see if I recognized anyone, and I only recognized 1 guy from work. I started to go over to talk to him when I broke the handle completely off my cart and spilled everything on the floor.

I picked it all up and decided to stay put.

The guy in charge reminds me of Macolm X – I think it’s his glasses (he was in charge last time too.) He’s also very. Uh…anal. And while I understand that you need a lot of procedural exactness when giving a test of these sorts, his demeanor in the test, I hope, is not his demeanor in his social life, because I’d hate to be his friend. I mean, the test is over, everyone has turned in their booklets, and in one particular area the proctor guy had begun handing out the confiscated cell phones, and he about bit that guy’s head off. FOUR TIMES, not because the guy continued to do it, but because he felt like he had to say everything 4 times in increasing meanness, for the fun of it.

The test part was pretty uneventful, the morning session was harder than I remembered if from last time, but I feel decent about it.

At lunch I was able to stomach one of the sandwiches I made, and spilled my Dr. Pepper on the floor. I had no paper towels or napkins, so I used my sweatshirt to mop up the spill.

The afternoon was easier this time around, I think I was much better prepared for it.

I headed home after the test still feeling icky, I called to tell my parents that I was not coming for Landon, but would be there in the morning. When I got home I watched some TV and went to bed, still feeling slightly bad.

When I woke up Saturday morning, I felt great. But Clint had a re-lapse, so I took off. I gathered stuff for me to spend the night in LJ, I played the role of the mean Mom and called to cancel Clint’s play date.

Landon had decided that this was the weekend of hugging. He was hugging everyone. Dos included. And while Dos seemed to hang around for the dropped food, he didn’t appreciate the hugs like Scarlett and Fiona do.

Kathleen and Zoey showed up and we went to the pumpkin patch for pictures, and pumpkin buying.

A little girl waved at him and tried to shake his hand, and Landon lumbered towards her arms outstretched wanting to hug her. She pulled back and was not about to let that strange boy hug her.

He had a great time.

Sunday morning we cut the pumpkins for carving, and he helped pull the seeds out of them. I’ll have pictures of the pumpkins tomorrow.

We went shopping for a Halloween costume and I learned my lesson. Next year, we buy something in early October or I have to make it, because I spent entirely too much on a bear costume because it’s the only thing available in his size. And what I really wanted was a monkey costume.

Anyway, we should have lots of pictures this week and back to regular posting and I realize this was the longest most boring post, but all of it needed to be said.

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Carol Tucker said...

Kristine, sorry you had such an awful birthday! only recent test I've had on my bday was in grad school and it was a mess!