Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working hard, or hardly working

Yesterday I had a meeting 8 am to 3 pm (it was supposed to last until 5, but thank god they let me go early.) I did get a lunch break because I had already set up a drag-up lunch with a friend whose last day is Thursday - I told them when they scheduled this meeting that I already had a lunch meeting and would have to leave. If I hadn't, I might have poked my own eye out just for an excuse to get out of the room - they had brought lunch in, so there would have been no escaping. I thought I got out of it for today, but apparently not, I have just been informed that it was pushed back to 8:30 instead of 8.

Landon had his first day of transition to the next classroom yesterday. This week he's spending an hour each morning in the room next door, next week he'll spend the bulk of the day over there (something like 9-4) and then on the 30th he'll start going there full time. It's nice that they do that. He's also not alone, there are three boys in his class with October birthdays, and they're all transitioning together. Which is nice. Plus he'll know most of the kids in the next class over, since they were all in his current class at some point during his stay.

He seemed to do well with it. I happened to be on a 5 minute break when they opened the door and let him in the room, and he walked right over and picked out a book to read.

And now blogger won't let me put a picture on this post, so the whole point of posting quickly and not getting calls from various people about why I didn't post any new pictures is ruined.


Aunt Becky said...

They're getting too big, man. I can't handle this.

Carol said...

All day meetings are terrible....sounds like you need to "transition" to a new room too.

glad Landon's move is going ok

Mandy said...

that is really neat that they transition the kids like that .. also, ALL DAY meetings, seriously????

bernthis said...

Don't you love how they bring in that lunch. "thanks" not. I would have just started picking my nose until someone suggested I leave and go see a dr.