Friday, March 06, 2009

Mock a Pissa

Landon watched an episode of the insufferable Caillou early last week some time. In which Baldy (as we so lovingly refer to him in our house) made pizza with his friends.

Caillou got mad that his friends didn’t like mushrooms and were making their pizzas different from his. Because he’s weird and doesn’t get that other people feel pretty strongly about mushrooms. Although, maybe he was onto something because the same kid who didn't want to put mushrooms on his pizza because he "didn't like them," totally traded a piece of his pizza for a piece of Caillou's.

He was outraged that they might put less sauce or more sauce, or less cheese or more cheese, or carrots and broccoli on their pizzas. Thereby "ruinning" their pizzas. Total disgust with them for not conforming to his pizza liking standards.

Landon has been bothering me for a week to “mock a pissa.” So when we went down to LJ on Saturday I got my parents to indulge him. And he made his very own pizza.
He didn't spread the dough, but he did spread the sauce.
He prefers cheese only, thank you.

And lots of it.

And it came out pretty nice.

But someone, doesn't really like to be photographed with their mouth full.

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nonsoccermom said...

That last picture is too cute!!

Calliou is an insufferable whiny brat. I was SO GLAD when AE got over that phase. UGH.