Friday, March 13, 2009

Our first anatomy lesson

Landon: Mommy hab a penis?

Me: No Mommy doesn’t have a penis.

Landon: [Grabs his crotch] Me hab a penis?

Me: Yes, you have a penis, it’s what makes you a boy.

Landon: Daddy hab a penis?

Clinton: Yes, Daddy has a penis.

Landon: Oh. [Pause] Mommy no hab penis?

Me: No, mommy has a vagina.

Landon: A gyna?

Me: Yes

Landon: NO GYNA!! NO GYNA!!


nonsoccermom said...

AHAHAHAHAAAA!! Ah, you will have many more conversations like that over the years. Trust me. That is too funny!

kbreints said...

oh dear. To funny.

valerie5425 said...

That's classic!

bernthis said...

Yeah, he'll get past that feeling when he's 15 that is for sure

Aunt Becky said...

Alex LOOOOVVVVEEESS his penis. Loves it. He grabs it and yells "PENIS!"

It's hilarious.

Mandy said...

is it appropriate that is the first post of yours I read??

(I liked your watch comment at Tessie's and come here from there)