Thursday, March 19, 2009

On Beyond Bovine #15, #16, and #17 – Tomatillos, Red Onion, and Lime

Oh, I bet you know where this is going, right? With those ingredients? I made tomatillo salsa.

So, to begin, despite what some people might think (like a cashier at a regular grocery store), tomatillos are not just green tomatoes. They’re completely different.

They have these husky outer leafy things that you start by peeling off. And the insides are different too.

As for the red onion, well, you've all met a red onion before.

I don't have the recipe with me today, but I'll try to wing it. On a baking sheet (we wrapped ours in aluminum foil for easy clean up) I placed 12 quartered tomatillos, 1 large roughly chopped red onion, and 3 jalapeños (the recipe said 1-2, and also didn't mention whether to seed them or not - so I seeded 2 and then decided to add 1 with seeds - probably could have done without one of the unseeded ones or half the seeds of the third or something). And 3 cloves of garlic. Drizzled with olive oil and salted.

(Picture is pre-jalapeños and also I forgot the garlic and had to roast it separately while I waited for the main stuff to cool.)

I put it in the the oven at some temperature for some amount of time...I know I'm totally giving you a great recipe here. And it looked like this:

We scooped and poured everything into the blender.

At this point we added some heavy cream, some honey, some salt as needed for taste.

And squeezed in the juice of 1 lime.

I poured half into a container, and then we added 1 cup of sour cream to the rest - giving 2 very good but slightly different sauces.

Clinton and I both agreed that the jalapeño choices we made were not great - the one without the sour cream is much hotter than your average green sauce. But they're both very good.

Bonus, I used the hotter not sour cream sauce to make guacamole and it was awesome (mashed avocado + salsa of your choice = quick guacamole).


kbreints said...

ok, I think mexican is sounding good for lunch! yummy!

Mama said...

wow - yummy

Mandy said...

I love that you blend it and its not all chunky!!!

bernthis said...

Five minutes, just give five minutes, I'm getting in my car now