Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ice Cream Truck Club

Ideally, you're hangin out in the house and you hear "The Entertainer" playing away outside. It's far enough away that you have time to find some money, but close enough that you don't really have time to put on your shoes, so it's easier to just pull your socks off.

You're going to need some cash.

Make sure it's real money, they don't want those counterfeits on the Ice Cream Truck.

You pick out your preferred ice cream, you might say you want "chockit." So your mom asks for a fudgesicle and then she gets herself a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

Your mom might casually mention that it's your first ice cream truck experience, at which point the driver says, well, put him up on the counter and take a picture. But you're not so sure about that, what if they drive off with you! Never once thinking about all the ice cream you'd have at your disposal. I guess staying with mom trumps going with ice cream. Good instinct kid, hold on to that.

Luckily, grandpa is there to save you from the torture of sitting on the ledge. You head back into the house to eat your ice cream, and as you are walking in, your mom might open up your fudgesicle and her teenage mutant ninja turtle and you may be over come with jealousy and STEAL her ice cream from her. Because it's more colorful or something. Or maybe you're mean.

And then you just keep taunting her and taunting her.

And no, you can't ALSO have the fudgesicle.


kbreints said...

to cute! I loved the ice cream truck when I was litle! I wish they had them around here for my kids!

Aunt Becky said...

I admit to still getting insanely excited about the ice cream man.

Laura said...

The ice cream truck. When my daughter hears it (she is 13) she goes racing out of the house in desperation, as if we don't have carton of ice cream at home. Nothing tastes quite as good as ice cream truck ice cream. I can see it on your son's face.