Monday, March 30, 2009


When Clint's friends have babies, I let him pick out the fabric from which I make stuff.

You are liable to end up with skulls.

Even if it's a girl.

I did try to girly it up a bit with the heart stitching. And they are awfully cute girl skulls with heart eyes and bows in their...non hair.

Landon calls them head bones if it makes it less creepy to you.

UPDATE: I tried my Girl Scout Cookie experiment yesterday. Beacuse the Oreo recipe called for the bag that's a little over a lb to 1 block of cream cheese, I ratioed it by weight and it turned out ok. 1 sleeve of thin mints to 2 oz of cream cheese. And 1 sleeve of peanut butter sandwiches to 2 oz of cream cheese. Each sleeve makes about 12 balls. The thin mints ones weren't as great as I thought they were going to be, the peanut butter ones turned out pretty good, pretty much just like peanut butter balls. If I didn't have access to the GS cookies, I'd have used Nutter Butter and they would have been just as good I think.


nonsoccermom said...

Hee hee, I actually love that fabric!! I am always finding stuff for T that has pink "head bones" with bows and such. And pirate stuff for AE. It offends my mother greatly.

The cookies sound yum.

Mandy said...

I think I have a box of girl scout cookies hidden somewhere ...hmmmmmmm

kbreints said...

I think the fabric is adorable! Very edgy.... No one will want to mess with HER on teh playground, lol!

bernthis said...

this is what makes you a great mom. You kept your promise to let him choose and then worked with it. I would have talked my kid out of it thereby denying her the right to choose which I had already granted her. Again, no mother of the year award for me.