Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #29

Dear Landon,

As you age, you are going to find that some months in your life really drag and some just fly by and the next thing you know, it’s a month later. It something I’m pretty sure you’ll study in physics. Anyway, this was one of those fast months.

You finally have a steady set of teacher at school. Well, kind of. The older women seem to be constant, and the younger girls don’t last long. We had yet another change in the younger girl a week ago and I asked what was up. Apparently 2 year olds make young girls crazy. And also it’s not just 2 year olds. Apparently they have a lot of turnover of the younger girls in the classes between infant and 2 ½ year olds. And it’s because you guys are wobbly, and you keep falling for no reason and they have to call your mom and tell her you fell if you hurt yourself, and they don’t have an explanation and they seem kind of stressed out about it. That’s okay, they can rotate a younger girl through every so often if they can keep the main teachers from leaving, that’s the main thing.

You have figured out how to melt my heart. You’re practicing it a lot, and seeing exactly what it will get you. The answer: a lot. Until you use it 14 times in a row, and then the answer: nothing. You have taken to saying “I miss you, Mommy.” And giving me a hug. Which is so cute when I pick you up from school and not so cute when I’m dropping you off for school. And this past weekend, I got you to say “I love you , Mommy.” I don’t think you know the meaning behind it yet, it took a little prompting to get you to say it. But you said it, and I’ll take it.

Apparently they talked about your home last week at school. One of the topics was what chores you do at home. And you do feed the cats, but a few nights I ago, I was trying to cook dinner and I set you up with a laundry basket and had you empty the dryer. And I think we’ve found your new chore! You were just slow enough at it, that it gave me time to finish up dinner, but not so bad at it that I wouldn’t have you do it again. It probably wouldn’t have taken so long if you hadn’t been so excited to see each article of your clothing. My personal favorite was the interlude where you found the rockstar shirt and came to show it off and do a little rockstar dance.

You had your first ice cream truck experience. You probably wouldn’t have been so patient waiting for the truck if you knew what we were waiting for. And since you stole my teenage mutant ninja turtle ice cream with the gum eyeballs, you also had your first gum experience, where you spit it back out on the plate and looked at me like “what’s the point of it if you just spit it out?”

A few months in day care and a few months maturity and now, you’re able to play alongside Zoey. Not necessarily WITH Zoey, but near Zoey, while she plays with something else. Which is excellent news. It means if she needs to be babysat, we can totally do that!

Somewhere in the midst of the illness last month, your schedule got screwed up and we’ve been hard pressed to get you back on it. You are staying up much too late in the evenings and that’s not good for anyone. So that’s what we’ll be working on this month.


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Cant Hardly Wait said...

Happy 29 months, Landon!