Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just one more thing I'll probably never make again

not because they aren't tasty and super yummlicious. But because good Lord, that's too much damn work, even if they are super cute.

Cake balls a la Bakerella.

I'll probably make cake balls again one day, but I'll just be dipping whole balls in the candy coating and not doing the bottom part.

Actually I make something with a bag of oreos and cream cheese that's very similar, and I was just thinking as I sit here and stare at the 60 or so boxes of girl scout cookies that I currently have in my office - I could totally make a minty truffle by using the thin mints and cream cheese instead of oreos. Or a peanut butter one with the peanut butter sandwich (do-si-dos) ones.


nonsoccermom said...

You are so totally domestic. Would you like to come be my personal chef?

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Those look sooooo good!

kbreints said...

Those ARE adorable!

Aunt Becky said...

OHMYGOD! *squee!*


Carol said...

they tasted so good, and your girl scout cookie idea has me drooling on my keyboard!

bernthis said...

you need to warn people somehow that they are not to read your blog until morning as one look at those little goodies and I gotta run to the fridge and yet it's right before bedtime so whatever I eat will now just makes its way to my ass with no problem