Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Unpaid Advertisment Slash Review

So yesterday I was the proud owner of only adult style bandaids (which sadly does not mean there were pictures of naked ladies on them.)

Landon came home from Linda's without a bandaid, and also with no milk for him in the fridge. I sent Clint to the store with these instructions regarding the bandaid situation. "See if you can find the ones like Linda gave him that have the sticky stuff all the way around and have a picture on them."

He came home with this box of awesome:

His choices were Nemo, Little Einsteins, Barbie, and Hannah Montana. He did not know what Little Einsteins were, so Nemo it was. (Online they have some non-trademarked character type ones with pictures of animals and stuff, if you have an such an aversion.)

Can I just say? These bandaids ROCK. He likes them. They're flexible enough that he has it on the palm of his hand and it isn't bothering him. Since they seal all the way around, putting Neosporin on the wound didn't mean that his hand would be greasy. Plus he likes the picture.

I have not tested the "waterproof" claim, but at this point, I don't really care if that's true or not.

On the box it shows several different pictures that are on the bandaids, but when you pull one out, you can't tell who will be on it until you open it. Which in our case is fine, because I don't think he even knows who Nemo is - he just keeps saying "fiss." But it might cause an issue later on when he's all specific and demanding about his bandaids.

They even come in adult style, that is to say - they're clear, again, no naked lady pictures.

Again - this was a totally unpaid review, but if someone at Nexcare wanted to send me a bunch of these bandaids, I would totally take them.


nonsoccermom said...

Those puppies are waterproof like you would not believe. Total truth in advertising! We always have the Little Einsteins ones on hand and LOVE THEM.

Someone Being Me said...

I may have to look into those. Maybe get some for Momma and Bear. My bandaids never seem to stick.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm checking into to it as we speak.