Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not so much slipping or sliding

I tried the slip n slide.

I'm not 7 anymore either.

Thank god there were no pictures.

We got a 2 lane one, I swear they used to be longer and made of thicker plastic. But then I also think they shrunk the elementary school cafeteria, so who am I to say?


The dog is still there. The rain and the fact that the fence is rotten meant that the two boards that were "fixed" fell again. I have called animal control again, as it appears they didn't even go out there. If it's not taken care of by the time I get back on Sunday, I guess I'll call the SPCA. Clearly our city police department is incapable of dealing with anything more than a traffic ticket.

I watched an episode of Baby Borrowers last night (nothing else was on). Um...I'm not sure it's doing what it's supposed to be doing. The concept is to show these teen couples (they're 18-20, so they're not like high schoolers or anything) that they aren't ready to be parents (they claim it's to see whether or not they're ready, but there's an undertone in the editting of "these kids are screwing up big time if they have kids.")

So, throughout the show the parents observe the teen couples with their kids and make all kinds of negative comments about what they're doing, but with the exception of one end-of-episode-talk with the parents, all the comments were positive like "yeah, you did a good job." Um, what happened to all the negative stuff you said behind their backs? Make up your mind.


nonsoccermom said...

Oh, man. I would never be brave enough to try a slip 'n slide now since I almost broke my back on one when I WAS seven. OW OW OW.

The whole dog thing is just sad. My dog irritates the crap out of me on an almost hourly basis but I would never just abandon or neglect her like that!! Some people.

Baby...borrowers? What? I guess I haven't heard about this show but it sounds vaguely disturbing.

Aunt Becky said...

I totally need to get on a Slip and Slide. Just not while, uh, incubating, right?

The Modernish Father said...

My son's idea of slip n' sliding is to carefully sit at the end of the slip n' slide and then scoot down the length of the chute on his butt.

He's a daredevil, all right.

katiekins said...

we didnt have a slip and slide because my parents were too busy donating money to poor people. so we slipped and slided on a big blue tarp with a hose.

that kinda makes us the poor people.

p.s. my boobs hurt (maybe residual damage from grinding them into a tarp 15 years ago)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I tried the slip-n-slide too. Pain...just terrible pain.