Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I got sent home from work at 10:30.

I was considering going home anyway because of my pounding headache, but when I discovered the lack of flushing toilets (clue #1), I decided that I had some quick errands to take care of and that hopefully the issue would be resolved when I got back. I headed out to Babies R Us to pee and get the little clip thingy to reinstall the car seat so it's not so floppy in the back seat. And then to Wal-Mart to buy Advil and Chlortabs to see if that would cure my headache for which I considered also buying an icepick to poke my eyes and relieve the pressure.

I bought myself lunch and headed back in a path to work that I normally don't take. And there was all this water gushing out on the street. (Clue #2)

I got back to an empty parking garage (Clue #3), and I knew. Water main break. Everyone was told to leave (via email, about 10 minutes after I left) and given a website to check and see whether or not to return to work in the morning.

If we were going to be given a half day off (and told to make up the time on our own), at the very least, I wish they would have picked a day where I felt good enough to go home and accomplish something instead of a day where I went home and died on my bed for a few hours hoping to wake up with less pain.

I still don't know what caused the headache, because nothing I took and no amount of water that I drank seemed to help it. I also applied a ton of Bravo's "Flipping Out." And it may not have cured the headache, but it did make me feel better that at least my boss isn't a controlling OCD freakjob who threatens to fire you if you take a planned way in advance vacation or you know, forget the guacamole.

*300th post.

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Aunt Becky said...

I had a bona fide Nasty Naughty Dream about Jeff Lewis. Who doesn't like the ladies.