Monday, July 21, 2008

Naiveté, lots of it

I guess animal control in my city doesn't really care about neglected dogs. So long as they haven't bitten anyone or gotten out.

On the bright side, her yard did get mowed. A couple more boards fell off the fence. Our dogs discovered the other dog. I had to fix it the best I could with the materials I had, so now that fence portion looks a little bit like we're maybe just getting ready to move a trailer house in. Ugh!

I suppose it may be time to call the SPCA. But part of me thinks that this is just going no where, and I'm going to be fighting her about that dog until he dies. Probably from heat stroke.


You know how when you plan your weekends and stuff, you sometimes include a weekend that’s supposed to be your weekend off? One where you actually return to work refreshed instead of more tired than when you left the previous week?

Yeah. This past weekend was supposed to be that weekend for me.

It so wasn’t. My stellar mood didn’t help much either. But someone’s refusal to nap played a huge part in it. I need his naps more than he does, I'm almost positive.

So, everyone should know that for all intents and purposes I will be VERY VERY busy during the month of August. Very busy. Don’t even ask what I’m doing. It’s totally top secret…and busy.


Anyway, here's a video of some spin the bottle, watermelon style.


Anonymous said...

SPCA are a good group to call. They send people out to check on animals and get them care. I'd report the neighbor dog as soon as you can since, by law, they have to issue warnings first. (Unless the situation is absolutely dire)

This dog's might be.

Take your rest breaks whenever you can get them. That part doesn't get any easier unless you don't care if people think you don't participate in your child's life enough.

Especially when they get older and you realize you have to play taxi driver to their activities. That's minimum participation if you even allow them to have activities.

Good example:
This past weekend was supposed to be "off" for us too. But then we realized that B-Girl needed to be taken to GS camp on Sunday between 2:30 and 4:30. (middle of the day)

Suddenly, this weekend was about packing, shopping for missing items, more packing, retrieving and gathering information and driving.

This was in addition to the J-Kid's preparation for the football day camp this week.

So much for resting.


Aunt Becky said...

Most weekends leave me more worn out than not. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE. My MIL is coming to town. I can't blog about it, but let's just say it's not going to be fun in any way.