Monday, October 01, 2007

Small Change Month #9 and boringness and excitingness

Beth of Playgroup dropout has not posted about her chairty stuff yet, but here's my summary for the month.

At work we had a dunking for dollars and hotdog and coke for $1 and car show that benefitted the MS150. I spent a whopping $2, and felt like a jerk, cause I had a huge report due that day and in order to finish it I had to run out and get my hotdogs and come back in.

And then Clint told me about how earlier this year he had pledged $25 to the American Diabetes Association, and he needed a check for it. So I was saved.

I'll update when we get a new challenge.

This weekend we spent getting ready for Landon's party next weekend. I was going to make him a cupcake car cake, but when I tried the mold, it was not very successful, not to mention it's only a few REALLY small cupcakes when it's done. So we went to Sam's and ordered a cake. And then we had a big debate about cooking vs. ordering food. And we decided to order food, because otherwise someone ends up working the whole time and doesn't get to enjoy the party. Chances are that next year his party will not be this big a deal. And I'm ok with that.

Oh and I almost forgot. He took about 5 or 6 unassisted steps in a row, 3 or 4 different times over the weekend. He's gaining confidence.

I left my bag at home today - so no pictures, maybe tomorrow.

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