Friday, October 12, 2007

Next Time We'll Stop at DQ After

Landon's 12 month appointment was last Friday.

Last time he was small for his age.

This time at least he made the chart. He's 28 inches tall (25th percentile)

He's 22 lbs 8 ozs (50th percentile)

He got 4 shots. He didn't even cry for the first one, but the second one pissed him off. The 3rd and 4th were just plain torture. And of course he spent the weekend kind of doped up on Tylenol to combat the normal "low grade" burn your arm off if you touch his skin fever.

And a special bonus is that 7-10 days after the flu and chicken pox vaccines, I get another round of side effects to deal wtih. Yea for me!

The absolutely brillant news is that we get to turn him around in the car. We ordered the new car seat a little late, so we waited to turn either seat around until it showed up. It showed up Tuesday, so we'll be putting it in this weekend.

The pleasure level of being in the car should dramatically increased, by 10,000% give or take.

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