Thursday, October 04, 2007

Plan #5697

Wow, I was totally ready to change the side bar stuff and rework my whole plan.

But looking at it, it’s probably about the same.

I called my contact last night because it has been two weeks and I hadn’t heard anything from him. He said he didn’t get my email, so I’ll send it again. But I asked him over the phone if he would consider sponsoring me and he said yes!

So I will work under him for a minimum of 1 year and 200 inspections and then I can apply to be a professional inspector and work for myself. Or I may end up loving working for him and stick with him. I assume at some point I will go actually talk to him about the details of how he sponsors people. And what it would mean for him to sponsor me.

But YEA!

This opportunity to work for him is actually really a blessing. When the rules changed I wrote a pro/con sheet (I'm a nerd) about continuing to pursue the education vs. having him sponsor me (him specifically, because I didn’t know anyone else who could). It couldn’t have come out more pro for him than it did.

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