Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Birthday Pictures

I got nothing. My laptop wasn't charged, so I didn't get to unload the pictures from the camera and take new ones, like I planned. I did scour the ones I have and picked a few to post for today, since 99% 100% of you only really care about Landon pictures.

Next week posting may be scarce. My PE exam is next Friday. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK. And so is my Birthday. Nothing like spending 12 hours on your birthday taking the hardest test of your life. I still haven't written the Thank You notes for Landon's birthday party, but I see the list every day and think "I need to do that." I'm transitioning to a new project at work next week too. And for a while I'll have two, count them, one-two, offices. Also 2 computers. Anyway, it's about to get crazy busy for at least the next week. Not to mention the whole - "your house is wet from the inside" business. So no posting promises, and I'll do my best to return to your regularly scheduled M-Th posting schedule come October 29. Provided I am not killed by the exam.

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