Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Small Change Challenge #10

Beth, at Playgroup Dropout, is totally using my challenge this month. WOOHOO!!

I cannot fail at my own challenge, I cannot fail at my own challenge, I cannot fail at my own challenge.

So the challenge is to go green.

This is so super easy to do, pick one or two or do them all.

Don’t litter.

Cut up the little rings on your 6 packs before trashing them.


Put a water saver thingy in your toilet (they have valves now that do this, but you can also use a brick in the tank.)

Use cloth napkins and dish towels instead of paper napkins and paper towels.

Run full loads of laundry and dishes instead of half loads.

Organize or participate in a trash clean-up. Or just pick up trash at your local park or whenever you’re out.

A couple posts ago I posted a couple websites to reduce your junk mail, sign up for those.

Plan your errands so that you use the least amount of gas (do a lot at one time, start at the furthest out and work your way back home.)

Buy reusable A/C return air filters.

Replace any burned out bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Use the library for books instead of buying them.

There are probably 100 more things I could list, I’ve only been typing this for 3 minutes and those are the ones I came up with off the top of my head. Feel free to add in the comments any ideas you have.

The beauty of this is that more than half of them, are not only good for the environment, but they’ll save you money in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

On the reusable return air filters...

I've only seen the metal kind, but maybe there are some others out there now.

If you use a metal one and your A/C needs a repair, switch the filter to a regular disposable kind before the repair man gets there, and just switch back after they leave.

For some unknown reason, if they find a metal reusable return filter in the vent, your warranty will be void.