Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Do you know where to go when you want time to stand still?

As it turns out, when it's 100° outside, and 400% humidity, the Houston Zoo is where time stops.

Clinton took off work on Wednesday so that we could take Landon to the zoo and we also got tickets to a 1:05 Astros game. So the entire time we were sweating our hineys off at the zoo, we kept thinking, man, the game's gonna start in a few minutes and we're going to be really late, and ...oh, nope, it's only been 10 minutes. Well, surely by now it's getting close to lunch time. Oh, just 10:30, you say? Hmmmm. The ENTIRE TIME we were there, felt like that. Only worse.

I didn't get any really good pictures because even the animals were having a terrible day. This bird happens to be in a 8x8 pen and that's the only reason it was close enough for this shot.

This is some kind of piggy...birdie bank.

And here's a kid who is trying really hard to a) not go out to the car yet because he's afraid he might fall asleep if he's still for 10 seconds and b) not go to the potty even though it's been 2 hours and his mother is insisting that it's time for a freaking potty break already - if not for him then for her!

It wasn't a SUPER bad time or anything, but we definitely learned our lesson about when you go to the zoo. As in - not during the summer. Our next Zoo trip will be in the fall or next Spring, because I remember our May 2008 trip being so much more fun than this.

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kbreints said...

The important thing is that you had a nice fmaily day together... that rocks :)