Friday, July 17, 2009


Poor Landon. We should have dedicated a single day to his first baseball game. Instead we spent the morning in the time warp that was the zoo and arrived at the ball park with an overly tired toddler and two adults with low blood sugar.

We were in the second level, in the 3rd base outfield area. Right by a guy who thought he was the S$%& and was heckling Jones from the Pirates. Luckily the people on either side were mesmerized by our delicious toddler, and laughed heartily at the heckler guy.

The game was really fast - since the Pirates couldn't seem to even get on base. Which is not a complaint by the way - I prefer a fast game, and even so much better when the Astros win. 5-0.

Despite the full on tiredness of the afternoon, Landon was all happy and giggling, until I made him take a potty break. And also until he found out that we were not going to go down after the game and play baseball ourselves on the field. He told us probably 20 times, "but I wanted to go down and play." We told him we knew and we were sorry that we couldn't, but that if he REALLY wanted to play there he'd have to practice really hard, and be really really good at it and he might get a chance to play there one day.

After the game he was in no mood to stand by a giant baseball, or near Biggio or anything. We were simply the most terrible parents for not allowing him to go down on the field and play.
But if you ask him now, what we did that day, he will tell you we went to a baseball game and caught baseballs and then threw them. Even if that's not entirely true.


kbreints said...

So sweet! I am sure that was hard for him to understand though... He could have played better then some of them :)

bernthis said...

It is amazing how differently kids see life