Thursday, July 16, 2009

Train Ride

I haven't been on this train since I was a kid. It's so much bigger than it used to be. And the ride seemed longer. And I learned a lot about what's in Hermann Park. And it has like stops and stuff.

Apparently there are some Japanese Gardens you can go to for free, there's a splashy water park area and play ground. The new train station is nice and we showed up with no one in line practically and when our ride was over there was quite the crowd.

Landon was a bit confused because we had told him that after the zoo we were going to a baseball game, and since the train makes 3 or 4 stops, at each one he asked "We're at the baseball game?" And then I made him stand by the engine and pose and he was tired and we were CLEARLY not at the baseball game, but back where we started.

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The Modernish Father said...

The Japanese Garden is free now? The Wife and I had to pay to get into that back in the day.