Thursday, July 09, 2009

Public Toilet Tour 2009

We started our quest to visit every public toilet in he Houston area a couple weeks ago.

So far we've seen 8,534. And we even peed in most of them.

So as not to jinx anything, I don't want to tell you about how great it's going or anything.

The hardest part is breaking away from what we're doing every 90 minutes or so to take a potty break. We're just busy, ok?

I am not confident enough to let him just wait until he has to pee yet, so we do try to pee every hour and a half or so. And while he will generally tell me when he does have to pee, if he's into something interesting he may not mention it until it's, you know, like already coming out!

I may have also created a small monster when we left the rec center on day 2 and he told me he had to pee. So I let him pee in the parking lot. And now, he wants to hold his pee until we're in a parking lot so that he can pee in the parking lot again.

And admittedly, I have allowed him to pee in the parking lot, on the back porch, in the grass, and various other places. Not because I want to create a habit of this, but because he steadfastly refuses to stand in front of the potty to pee. He wants to sit. So I think if he stands to pee enough, he'll discover that standing to pee is awesome and may be ok with doing it in the potty that way.

Housekeeping notes:

I am still technically unemployed. However, all those good vibes you sent out did work in my favor. The company is in the works of making me an offer, but the president, who approves all offers is travelling, and so their approval process is being greatly slowed by this fact.

My stress level has gotten much lower and I have taken a new approach to being home since I know that an offer is on the way, so where I had shuddered at the idea of spending any extraneous money previously, we have done a lot this week that did actually cost a small chunk of change. I do assume that I will accept this offer.

We went to the Children's Museum on Monday, and the zoo and an Astros game (Landon's first) on Wednesday. (Posts with pictures to come, but I have limited time as, Clifford is only on for so long and then we have to get ready to go to the library)

And now, the dogs need out, so they can bark at the neighbor's roofers.


The Modernish Father said...

My wife told my son to just pee in the shower the other day and he thinks that's the greatest thing EVER. Thirty seconds after getting out of the shower, he was saying "Remember when I peed in the shower? That was awesome." Then he started giggling for the next five minutes.

kbreints said...

So funny. Henry LOVES to pee outside. Everywhere. grass, trees, parking lot. Yeah... he is a boy!

nonsoccermom said...

Yes, I fear that I may have made a fatal error in encouraging my kid to pee in the shower.

Yay for a job offer! Keep us posted!!

Mama said...

So you're saying that it's bad that Natalie "holds it" every time we go swimming until she's desparate just because she thinks it's fun to pee in the yard? mmm hmmm. Her daddy started that one when he didn't want to get out of the pool to help her into the potty.

Kristine said...

I honestly don't mind the peeing in the yard, it's the leaving the library and having 10 other moms loading kids up watching while my kid insists that NOW he needs to pee and should be allowed to whip it out and pee in the parking lot in front of everyone...discretion is not his game.

Aunt Becky said...

Hahaha! I laugh because I remember how the potty training works. Good Lord. I guess I'll be revisiting that soon, eh?

I'll never forget catching Ben who was trying to go out to the backyard to take a poo. Because the dogs did. Kids. Man. They're weird.

bernthis said...

congrats. anyone who has a job today is very very lucky. Scary what's happening out there