Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm just too tired to stretch this out any longer

So, when last we left off, we were at a baseball game on Wednesday the 8th. I'm going to try to catch up to semi-real time this week, so bear with me if it goes too fast.
That Friday we went down to LJ - or The Swamp as some so lovingly refer to it. We met up with my sister who has every other Friday off and we took advantage of the things that they have to offer that are free (except the Sea Center, because we ran out of time and the kids needed naps.)
Anyway - we played in the fountains, which Landon is STILL referring to as The Mountains.

He acquired someone else's bucket and then tried to also acquire their watering can, and was told he had to give up one or the other and he was lucky they didn't make him give back both, because really neither was his. This has led to the need to announce that every bucket we own is a good bucket to take to The Mountains next time. Got it, I was not prepared, moving on.
We went back to Grandma's to dry off and then headed out to the museum. Because my life has become trying to live up to the life of Caillou. And one time, he went to a museum and there were dinosaurs.
He was actually pretty afraid of the dinosaurs despite the fact they they have the glass case surrounding them so they can't get out (that wasn't always there, but I suspect they got tired of picking up the mulch that the kids would pick up from the display and throw on the floor.)

They had a small kids touch and learn something or other section and Landon and Zoey spent probably 60% of their time there. I don't really blame them.


kbreints said...

Fun! Love the dinasours... my boys would have too :)

Carol said...

my favorite part of the museum was always the rocks in the dark room....