Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Scarlett ate a Roundup laden leaf and we've been dealing with the ensuing crap from that (pun intended) ever since. FYI, if your dog eats a leaf on which you have sprayed roundup - it is not poisonous. But it will upset their gastrointestinal workings. And you may have to clean their crate 2 nights running (possibly more, it's just that we're only working with 2 days worth of data here). And throw away 2 blankets and a towel. And wake up at 3 am, when they urgently need to go out (or alternatively you can clean up 2 piles of runny poo and 2 puddles of pee the next morning - your choice.)

I think we're on the backend of this illness (pun intended again.) Thank god.

And now that I've grossed you out, here's cute picture to tide you over until I think of something less gross to write about.

(I heard on the radio this morning that kids are starting to like classic rock because of the game Guitar Hero...classic rock like Pearl Jam...Pearl Jam is considered classic rock now? How old am I?)


Becky said...


My LORD I am old.

Anonymous said...

Just wait!

Someday Pearl Jam will be "Oldies"