Monday, March 31, 2008

So far behind...

I'm telling stories from 2 weeks ago. One day I'll catch up.

One of the decisions we made early on with Landon is that rather than try and occupy him with something else while we do housework or yardwork, we want to include him. The theory being that if he helps now, he'll just know that he should help later on. Or something naive like that. Things are so much more clear to you about raising kids before they're actually here - debunking your theories.

Anyway, as you know he currently already feeds the cats everyday, and "helps" when we clean the pool.

A couple weekends ago we changed the plugs and wires on the truck. (Among other things.) And of course, he was there to help.
After having changed the plugs and wires and shocks, we took the truck in to our regular mechanic to change the tires, balance them, do a wheel alignment, replace the brakes, adjust the parking brake, have the oil changed and apparently I had a turn signal out, which I didn't know before, but they also fixed. We spent a gabillion dollars on the truck for the tune up.

So on Friday, while I was driving around I went through a construction zone to pick up a Girl Scout book from the Girl Scout office and I hit a pot hole. Of course, because you can't spend a gabillion dollars without ruining something right after that also will cost a gabillion dollars.

So my truck started chirping. Like those bird whistles you put water in. It was only doing it at 40+ mph and when I made turns. I called Clint and he said it could be a wheel bearing so I took it straight over to the mechanic's shop. I was so pissed that after spending that gabillion dollars we'd have to spend more and probably have the alignment done again.

So I went in and told my story and they sent a guy out in my truck to listen to the sound.

He was gone, maybe 5 minutes. Maybe. Probably not even that long.

He asked if I was talking about the high pitched noise at higher speeds. Yes.

"Well, I just rolled up the window on the passenger side, and it's gone now."

I had hit that pot hole so hard, and I have crank windows, so it just bumped the window down enough to whistle, but not enough to see that it was down.

Good news? It was a free fix. Bad news? I felt like a moron.

I was also treated to the story of a woman who brought her car in like 4 times over a period of 3 months complaining of a noise, that they eventually found was the water jug she carried with her. They couldn't find it because everytime she left the car with them, she took the jug with her, until one day she came in and it was making the noise and she wanted them to drive it right then.


The Modernish Father said...

I've given up on trying to catch up with old stories that I don't blog about immediately. Anything past 3-4 days is water under the bridge for me.

Don't beat yourself up about the window thing. You'd rather look like a moron for a few minutes than be stranded somewhere on the side of the road later on.

Becky said...


I do the same thing. I don't blog about pressing stuff usually, for some reason.

Mama said...

once I took my car in because the check engine light was on and we couldn't figure it out...and it turned out that my gas cap was missing. [hand over face, shaking head in shame ]