Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Please quit giving me the finger.

When I logged on to check the years for the codes I needed for the PE exam yesterday, I was totally not expecting to find out that - while I had gone through all the chapters in my study book that I deemed necessary for the exam, I was not finished. You changed the test so that what had previously been 40% is now 20% and the other 20% is a construction section - on which I have very little guidance.

Previous to this discovery I felt really good about where I stood study-wise for this test. Now I am freaked out because I don't know what the heck you want me to study and the idea that I need 2 different codes about concrete formwork freaks me out.
Also not cool is the fact that I now need to haul around several extra 6 bazillion page codes, and while I know, that I will probably not use them, I don't want to be without them, just in case. You will get the bill from my chiropractor.

If I get a 67 again because of this crap, I'm coming after you.


22 days to go.

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Becky said...

Man, I'm sorry. That's a real pain.

I hate those tests so very much.