Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As anyone with a toddler knows, routine is key. So every night after work, we get home, we eat dinner. We clean the kitchen. We feed the puppies and the kitties. We put on pajamas. We warm a bottle, and then we head upstairs to do a little playing. He has his night cap.

And if all goes well, eventually gets tired enough to actually close his eyes - preferably at 8:30, but even more preferably before 11pm, and before we start closing ours, but not always. If something else is happening, he of course needs to help. Like when last night I decided to make a search for the 2 elephants that went with his Noah's Ark.

Of all the developments this month, I think my favorite so far is that whatever we're doing? He wants to help.

Elephants are still missing. If you see 2 elephants wandering around, please send them home. I have a feeling they're hanging out somewhere with a couple bottles and maybe even some socks.

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Becky said...

Oh, the helpfulness persists for quite awhile. My big one tends to like to help SO MUCH that it can get a bit annoying.

And I'm sorry, but Alex stole the elephants. He's naughty like that.