Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want candy!!

So Easter #2 took place at my sister’s house.

We gathered all the kids in the house while the big guys hid the eggs. The big kids were instructed on which eggs they were not to mess with. And hunt began!

And then, since he knew there’d be candy in each egg, after gathering about 5 or 6, he stopped!

Who needs more eggs when you know your mom is only going to let you have so much candy anyway.

See all the eggs in the background? The big kids were told not to get those, but Landon refused to hunt any more. He'd rather sneak up on the already gathered eggs and see what he could get.

So he stopped hunting and ate all the candy he could get his little hands on.

Something we paid for dearly that evening. (And Monday morning apparently)

He was so tired, but couldn’t sleep. And refused any other kind of food.

And here is the only picture of all the cousins at once! Sure, it's the back of Brianna and Landon's heads, but they're there! (During the give me all your hard boiled eggs phase!)

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Becky said...

I thought that I was the only one who had multiple holidays!

He looks charming, as per usual.