Thursday, March 27, 2008

The rest of the day

There were horses. Aunt Kelly introduced Landon to her 2 horses. He was less than impressed at the time, but when she brought out the rocking horse for him, he pretended to feed the rocking horse just like Aunt Kelly had fed the real horses.

Grandma had brought everyone a soccer ball. Each kid had their own size. There was some kicking. And some running.

And some general cousin bonding.

And then there was the trampoline. And while the trampoline was kind of scary at first, what with the bounciness of it, eventually Joshua had him walking across holding his hand.
If you ask Joshua, he was asked to make 14 eleventy billion trips back and forth. Not that he was complaining or anything. Just, you think he could do it by himself yet?

And then.

All of the sudden.

Joshua wasn’t right there to hold his hand.

And there was some hesitation, but once he figured out he could do it all by himself – he could have run circles around Joshua all day on the trampoline.

And then my camera died.

It was shortly after the trampolining that we headed home for fun filled evening of screaming.


Someone Being Me said...

Very cute. I love the little soccer ball.

Becky said...

I wish my kids had cousins. They look like they're having such a good time.