Monday, March 24, 2008

Sugar Hangover

My camera is dead, we took so many pictures this weekend, that it died. And of course I forgot to charge it last night. So this week will be pictureful - but not today.

Nearly everything I was going to talk about deserves the pictures that go along with it. Faucet installation, Azalea planting, and of course Easter.

Landon had a bit of a sugar hangover yesterday evening.

After having discovered the tastiness that is contained inside those plastic eggs, he was NOT going to eat a hot dog. Or a chip. And only grudgingly drank a bottle of milk. He also only took a 20 minute nap between 7:45 am and 5 pm.

Of course, he was also out by the time we reached the corner after leaving Aunt Kelly's house. And when we got home, he went back to sleep for another hour and a half. And woke up and yelled at us and yelled at us - because I assume he had a sugar hangover, so I gave him some Tylenol. He ate 2 bites of eggs, one bite of oatmeal square, and drank another bottle before deciding to fight sleep for another 2 hours. Oh the dramatic squirming that occurred!

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Becky said...

Poor thing (and I mean YOU). Good thing Easter comes once a year, eh?