Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This title is harder to think of than any I have had in the past.

So as it turns out, today is my last day of work for the year. Tomorrow we trek down to LJ and then to Brazoria briefly, then back to LJ. Thursday we'll be home...and wait a minute, am I telling you when we'll be gone from our house? Uh...we'll be home all week. Don't even think of breaking into my house. I have very ferocious guard dogs, and they will eat you alive.

Anyway, my original point was that this is my last day of work for 2008. And while I do have a computer and internet access at home, I also have a toddler, and a to do list that's 4, maybe 5 miles long. So, while it's possible I might post, it's not likely.

And also, taking an almost 2 week break from this might result in something funny to write about instead of "Hey, look at my cute kid." And "Here he is again. Being cute." And "Oh, did you notice my cute kid?"

I know you're busy too, so just think of it as my gift to you. The gift of time. You've got an almost 2 week reprieve from looking at my words and pictures.

Oh, and I wanted to tell you guys that my rule about no more shopping after December 1st needs an addendum. It totally works as far as shopping is concerned...but it doesn't alleviate the stress if 2 days before Christmas you're pulling all the presents out of the closet and putting post-it notes on them. So for next year the rule will be. All presents shall be purchases by December 1 and wrapped by the first weekend in December.

May the pirates have mercy on you this Christmas, and I will return, hopefully in one piece, January 5th, 2009.


Anonymous said...

I have no objection to the cute kid stories and pics. I thought that was the main attraction of the blog!

nonsoccermom said...

HEE, that last picture is adorable! LOVE the shirt.

Posting is probably going to be light over at my blog for a while too...although thankfully my parents no longer just have dial-up (DIAL-UP, OMG) so there is at least a CHANCE that I could post.

Carol said...

I love your musings, but think that we'll all be on hiatus for the holidays. I may get online, but probably not reliably..I also have a long 'to do' list!

hey, should we try to organize a dinner for January?

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Christmas to you all!

bernthis said...

Hope you had a great holiday (this is me getting a jump on everyone telling you that when you come back to us)