Monday, December 01, 2008

Fifteen posts

1. Thanksgiving was great.

2. Landon just went cousin to cousin wearing them out. First Taylor.

3. Then Ashley.

4. Landon learned about water towers and now there is screaming yelling excitement when he sees one until we confirm. "Yes, that's a water tower."
5. Clinton got hit on twice in one trip to Wal-Mart without me.

6. We ate Thanksgiving on Thursday with Michelle from the Biggest Loser and since I had no clue who she was until she and Clint's cousin (who (whom?) she's dating) left, I had no idea that I should have gotten some kind of photographic evidence.

7. Operation finish Christmas shopping by Dec 1 is almost complete. I have 2 more to buy and I feel like I can get them done today.

8. Scarlett hurt her foot on Saturday morning, it seems better now, but it freaked me out beyond anything and did you know that vets in small towns are all "you can call our on call doctor, but only if you're established and only if it's life threatening." Jerks. And also, how do you know if it's life threatening or not? Our vet gave me dosage info for aspirin and benedryl in case it was some kind of bite - although we can't find a penetration or bite mark of any kind. This morning she seemed pretty much back to normal.

9. There was Heron watching.

10. Joshua and Brianna built a lean to kind of looking tent with string and a tarp and sticks. Well. Joshua started it, and abandoned it when it wasn't doing exactly what he wanted and Brianna changed the design and finished it, so no real teamwork on purpose, but kind of accidental teamwork.

11. There was hammocking.

12. There was outdoor movie watching. Or depending on who you are, outdoor movie barking or outdoor movie climbing around on a chair until you get too loud and your dad makes you go inside.

13. Between Scarlett's hurt foot, and the cold driving everyone inside at what would be Landon's bedtime to be where Landon, and let's be serious - because I go to sleep when he does, and I would be trying to sleep, we decided to make a break for it and wake up at home Sunday morning.
14. We went to get Landon new shoes and future shoes. And me some pants, when we found out that Steve and Barry's is filing for bankruptcy so I need to hurry up and spend my gift card.
15. And we stopped in to WalMart and nearly bought some candy for our advent calendar when the fire alarm went off. We headed out because we didn't want to be those people who were all "Well, were going to leave, but decided it was probably nothing and then we ended up with these 3rd degree burns."


Carol said...

looks like a full weekend. hope Scarlett is better, our dog hurt his foot in Austin and we felt so bad and worried it was due to the cactus he'd been sniffing around. but then we came to the conclusion its just our city dog isn't used to running around on rocks, but man we felt badly...

I knocked out some more christmas shopping and put up a tree so feel more like I can enjoy Christmas and less like I'm in a race!!

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. Now I'm sleepy just reading about your weekend. And I'll be expecting my gift in the mail any day now ;)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Well gosh, I hope Wal-Mart is OK!