Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My parents live behind us.

Sure, they're a younger version. But they're a version of my parents.

So, you remember the party invite and the apprehension about going to said party, right?

It wasn't so bad. Apparently, this is a group of people who do community theater. And as for the couple who live there, the husband builds sets, and has acted in a few shows.

And they had beer, not just wine.

And oh holy moly was I transported back about 20 years.

Oh, and then I noticed all the boats on the Christmas tree. He sails.

All in all the party wasn't so bad, and we did learn a lot about our neighbors, besides all the similarities between them and my parents - they do have some differences, he has a 30 year old son, they have 2 children in college, and they're planning on adopting from the state in the next couple months (age range 4-11.)

The music was kind of in the background, and not too weird - she pretty much sang Christmas style hymn like songs. The hard part of going to a party like that is only knowing the host and hostess, and not even really knowing them. Just like, kind of knowing them. Anyway, it was hard, but good. And I'm glad we went.

And bonus - we found out that they have Uverse from AT&T and well, we want Uverse from AT&T and they keep telling us we can't have it. But our neighbor's line comes from the same box and the same little outlet thingie - which is in our backyard. So we totally got on the ball and called AT&T and FINALLY, they're going to send someone out to see if we can have it. It took a year to get them to agree to do that. I guess I finally got the right guy on the phone - not only is he going to have the check done for us, he reviewed our account to see if we could get any more discounts and we got double our internet speed and $10 knocked off our bill. That guy ranks right up there with Belinda.


Cant Hardly Wait said...

i'm glad it didn't suck huge cojones!

Anonymous said...

We were once young!