Monday, December 08, 2008

I think it's an apologetic invite

Remember how our fence was not so much up as it was down a couple months ago?

Remember how we went around to all the neighbors and struck deals with them about fixing it, where they'd pay half for their section?

Well, one neighbor, the one we thought for sure would pay immediately. Didn't. And didn't. And didn't. And two weeks ago I went over to their house to bother them an managed to interupt what was either a baby shower or a bridal shower. And they said they'd get with me in the following week and pay. And then they didn't.

SO I had all but given up on that money, and was about to decide that they could just deal with my barking dog, when yesterday, the husband showed up on our doorstep. Check in hand.

They rounded up. Which was nice, considering we spent some extra money - more than we intended.

And they invited us to a party they're having next Sunday afternoon, early evening (4pm-8pm). It seems like a ... hoity toity kind of party. The kind where they have wine and everyone is a doctor (did I mention he's a hospital administrator and she's a nurse?). They have a musician coming to have a concert in their house.

It's not really our scene, but I don't want to be those crazy neighbors who won't show up when invited to stuff or that hold grudges for not giving us our money in a timely manner. Part of the issue is that Sunday afternoons are what we generally spend getting ready for the week. And while it would be inconvienent to take 4 hours out of our time for that, it wouldn't kill us and we could concievably work around it.

What would you do? Assuming you can find a babysitter, because it is clearly not a party intended for children.

(Oh and if you think this post is a little light on the picture front, that would be because on Saturday I left the charger and cord and carrying case to my camera at the Girl Scout event where they raised a TON of money to buy dog food for the SPCA, luckily I had stuffed the camera in my back pocket, so I at least had my camera for my work's Children's Christmas party, although it did die mid party. I do know who has it and I will get it back some time this week and be able to post some great pictures.)


Anonymous said...

You should go. It is always good to know your neighbors. Ours tend to move away before we can get to know them.

nonsoccermom said...

I would probably go, but it would be like pulling teeth to get the husband to go with me. He hates that sort of thing.

The Modernish Father said...

Don't go. There are definite advantages to being "those crazy neighbors."

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I'd go and eat all the food and then leave.

Aunt Becky said...

I'd go too, although I wouldn't want to. Your mom is right: knowing your neighbors is a good, good thing.