Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obligatory Snow Post

It snowed here yeaterday. Actually, driving home in a light snow that's not sticking to anything is kind of awesome. The street lights illuminate all the little bitty snowflakes as they swirl down. And since it's not sticking, people are not really in danger of sliding around on black ice or anything. I was really wishing I'd had my camera last night.

When I picked Landon up from school it was coming down pretty decently, but he had no interest in it whatsoever. "PSHAW mom, I saw snow last weekend, in that heap at that party, it was brown and dirty - clearly you have no idea what snow is."

Every evening as we drive home, he points out all the inflatable stuff in other people's yards. "Tanta claw." "Aindur." "Noman." "Ingwen." Except the house on the end of our block which has a snowman and a penguin. For that one, he says "noman an chicken." And don't even try to tell him it's a penguin. "Ingwen? Ing...Ing...CHICKEN!!!"

Take your pick of many of the blogs in the area and you'll see pictures of accumulation. Except on this one. And that's for two reason really. One - I still don't have a working camera at the moment. And two - we apparently are in some kind of swirling heat vortex in our area and we didn't get any accumulation. I mean, sure a little stuck to the roof and some to the cars, but none on the grass or anything fun.

Plus, Landon was uber grouchy yesterday for no apparent reason. He was in no mood to be outside, and how dare we leave him at the table to finish his advent candy while daddy and I tried desperately to wrap 4 of our tropical plants on the patio.

I had intended to take the SD card out of my camera and put the pictures on my thumbdrive, so I'd at least have a picture of him standing on the snow at the company children's Christmas party, but since someone we know decided not to go to bed until 10, which is WAY past my bed time, that didn't happen.

And then I thought, well, I'll just do it when I get up in the morning, and then that same someone woke up at 5:15. And spent the next hour doing everything he could to delay putting on his pants. Insisting that I take off his pajamas, but "no, thanks" on the pants front. Not to mention the fact that the overnight pull-ups have Woody on them and how dare I put him in the day time pull ups which have lightning McQueen on them. This kid is getting harder and harder to dress, what with his opinions and stuff.


Carol said...

Strange that it didn't accumulate where you were, but not a big deal since Landon was in no mood to enjoy it. I liked driving home in it, even turned over to the christmas music all the time station!

I hope Landon is in a better mood today.

Marinka said...

I agree with Landon--who wants Lightning McQueen pullups when you can have Toy Story ones!