Friday, May 29, 2009


Landon's school has this deal where for $5 a week, they'll feed your kid breakfast. I'm all over that, because I think that he needs a little variety and the frozen waffle I would hand him every morning is eventually going to make him completely insane.

So the deal is that there is a teacher on duty in the cafeteria until 7, and then they all retreat to their classrooms. At which time they are still serving breakfast, but if you come in after 7 and before 8, you have to sit with your kid to eat the breakfast and then escort them yourself to the classroom.

I was running late this morning, and on mornings I am running late enough to have to sit with him to eat breakfast, I try to feed him something on the way to school instead so he can go straight back to the classroom, which makes drop off 1000 times easier and the second he sees his friends and his teachers, he's all "Mom, who?"

This morning he rebuffed my offer a a waffle. So I offered strawberries, which aren't the on the go kind of fruit you'd think they'd be, because for some unknown reason I introduced them to him with a dipping component (either chocolate or cool whip). Oh, to be able to turn back time...

Anyway, I cut up about 3 strawberries and put them in a small bowl with some cool whip and since I was going to have to wait on him to finish, I set out about doing a little tidying up in the kitchen. He ate, I kid you not, MAYBE 1/2 a strawberry and then exclaimed. "DERE'S BEANS ON MY STAWBEWWY"

So naturally I'm like "Beans, on your strawberry? Really? I kind of doubt that?"

But he ran over to show me the beans he had found on his strawberry.

"Oh, sweetie, those are seeds, you can totally eat those."


"Yes, seeds."

At that point he decided not to eat any more strawberries. Which, fine. I mean, the have a snack at like 9 and then lunch at 10:45 or something, so it's not like a few hours without much food is going to kill him. We washed his hands and I saw the bananas on the counter and thought - well, that's more portable! So I offered a banana, which he accepted and we headed out the door.

He ate about 1/3 of the banana before noticing the beans in it. And he stopped eating it. "Dere's beans in my bana tooooo."

"Yes, Landon, pretty much all fruit is going to have seeds of some sort, they aren't going to hurt you, you can keep eating it."

"Nope. Here, don't wanit."



The Modernish Father said...

I'm with Landon on this one. I also avoid strawberries because of the "beans."

kbreints said...

oh dear. I am SO glad that my boys have not noticed the beans in their fruit yet... ;)

Aunt Becky said...

I can't get my kids to eat fruit period.


Anonymous said...

Those darn beans! He's probably wondering how they got from his strawberry to his bananna.

My luck would be to try those portable on the way things, have them rejected, and then have them discover (or by chance remember) that breakfast could be had at the school still.

Then it would be a choice between sitting with them and waiting, or push them the room, close the door, and run like mad!

It's lose/lose either way. Either you're late for work or you're leaving your fit thrower crying at the teacher. Not that Landon would throw fits, but one of mine definitely would have.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I used to tell my gal to eat her kiwi with her eyes shut. I was all, "If you shut your eyes, they aren't even there! You can't even notice!" And she would happily gobble down her fruit with her eyes shut.