Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conversations with a 2 year old

You may need to read Landon's parts outloud, since the spellings are phonetic.


Landon: Hey wuh sat no-eese?

Clinton: A bird?

Me: A siren?

Clinton: A car?

Landon: No, a cock-a-doo chicken! COCK-A-DOO!!!!


[We bought some pool noodles at HEB on Sunday morning and Landon was playing with one, he wasn't paying attention and kept whacking Clinton with it.]

Me: Hey, keep your noodle to yourself. It's a good rule now, and it will be a good rule later too.


Things Landon has his own special names for:

Belts, the kind you wear on your waist: seatbelts

Skulls: head bones

Dough nut holes: dough nut balls

Sausage kolache: hot dog

Polka dots: poking dots


[As we drove away from the dough nut place and I pulled out my sausage kolache, Landon saw what I was eating.]

Landon: I want it, dat hot dog. Peese, peese.

[I gave it to him because I thought that might happen. He started eating the kolache.]

Landon: Mmmmm, dat my fave-it, yum yum.

[Pretty much everything he's eating is his "fave-it."]

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nonsoccermom said...

Cute! It is so fun when you can have a conversation with them. Until they start using the f-word, that is. :)